3 Games to Play Weekend With your Preschool Kids

Whether you’re looking for easy games for kids or elaborate indoor activities for groups, these three entertaining indoor games for kids can help you beat boredom. But these games are not just for parents but for teachers too. You will find many kids nursery in Dubai. If you are looking for something good and best for your child, this is for you.


One of the easiest indoor games you can play with your kids is to blow up some balloons. Instruct the children to keep the balloons off the ground, and then start the party! Move the breakables out of the way because this is a game that can become a little loud indoors.


While playing bubbles is often seen as an outside activity, this variation may be done inside. Put a coin-sized drop of dish soap on each child’s plate and straw. Add some water and stir until suds appear. Then, each youngster inserts the straw end straight up and down into the suds, causing a film of soap to build on the straw end. A single bubble will begin to expand as it blows extremely slowly! Can you create a massive bubble? How much time can you hold it?


Put on your dancing shoes. The ideal number of players for this game is four or more kids, plus one extra player to turn off the music. This is quite likely the most well-liked indoor game for kids.

Alternatives: If you don’t have enough chairs, consider using colorful construction paper taped to the ground as a substitute. The kid who puts both feet down first after the music stops has ownership of the space.

These are just the top three of the many games you can play with your kids. If you are planning to put your kid into kindergarten or are looking for a nursery in Barsha Heights, Dubai, then Little Minds Dubai is an excellent choice.

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