7 Fun Goal-Setting Activities for your Child

Goal setting is very important for everyone, and when it is taught from a very young age, the habit is likely to develop, staying with the child as he/she grows older and into an adult. The best preschool in Dubai will definitely make sure that children are taught the importance of setting goals, and achieving them. They will definitely follow suit when the goals are set in a fun-filled way.

In this blog, you can read how to develop this very necessary life skill, and how the nursery in Barsha Heights can help your kids achieve it. Check them out.

How the best preschool in Dubai helps kids in setting their goals

Setting goals is a responsibility trait, and children can work on their goals at a very young age. The kid’s nursery in Dubai can guide them in the right direction to make this activity fun-filled and exciting.

  1. A vision board with their dreams

Kids of all ages have dreams, and they keep changing with age. No problem. That’s how they grow. With the help of a vision board, your child can keep track of the dreams they have. Let them take some old magazines, and cut out the pictures that they think represent their homes and dreams. Of course, the next year they could have something that’s totally different, but then that’s how it will be.

Encourage the child to hang the vision board (decorated with colours, sequences, feathers and glitter) in their room so they will have a powerful visual reminder of what they want to be.

  1. The wheel of fortune

Children are encouraged to draw their wheel of fortune containing details of things they deem important in their life. They can segregate these into different segments and draw them all in a wheel. These areas could also be something they want to learn or improve.

  1. A new language to learn

Children are hardwired to learn new languages easily. So they can be encouraged to choose a language of their choice and learn it by themselves, or you can help them with this. They can mark their achievements in their notebook, so they can see how far they have come. They can have goals to learn a certain number of words at the end of each month, and compare that to how much they have actually learned. Children are given guidance for this at their preschool, and they can develop their communication and language this way.

  1. Learn to know more about a classmate

This would trigger the interactive and inquisitive nature in your child. They can start with their own friends, and move on to other children in their class. It’s something like ‘get to know your classmate’ kind of goal.

  1. Three Stars and One Wish

This is an interesting goal indeed and the best preschool in Dubai follows it. In this, the children can write about the things they are really good at, followed by some areas where they have to improve upon. This would help them to be proud of their achievements and at the same time instil the confidence to improve on something.

  1. The goal ladder

Let your child note down his/her goals and aspirations by creating something known as the goal ladder. Let their biggest dream be at the top of the stairs, followed by other, smaller steps that contain smaller goals on how to achieve that big dream. Preschool learning helps in achieving their goals by giving them tips on understanding the world, the part they can play in it, and so on.

  1. A new hobby

What new hobby is your child going to learn this year? Is it dancing? Swimming? Learning to ride the cycle? Let that be their next goal. Help your child expand his/her true potential by developing new hobbies.

These are all exciting goals for your child to try out, and the kid’s nursery in Dubai plays an important role in guiding them through the right path.