Ways to Encourage Your Child to Follow Directions

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How do you encourage children to follow instructions?

Some children who struggle to learn and think differently have problems following instructions. Here are ten suggestions for assisting your Child in growing.

  1. Request your child’s focus.

Providing instructions to a child who isn’t paying attention to you could make things difficult for both of you. Speak out for yourself by stating, “Look at me, please. Please pay attention right now. Some children struggle with language’s nonverbal components. It is taken into consideration when you ask your Child to look at you rather than directly at you. By stepping into your child’s line of sight, you can make things simpler.

  1. Cut back on distractions.

You want to maintain your child’s attention once you get it. While playing video games or with the TV on in the background, it might be challenging for kids to hear and follow instructions. Before delivering directions, keep distractions to a minimum. Switch the TV off. Request that your child put the game or book down. Ensure that your child is facing you.

Giving your child your entire attention when delivering directions will serve as a good example for them. This demonstrates to your Child the value of what you have to say.

  1. Use a hushed voice.

When you have something to say or need to get done, it may be tempting to speak over or louder than your child. Yet if you speak in a quieter voice, you might be able to get your kid’s attention better. Deliver instructions in a steady, calm voice. When children don’t have to consider the volume and tone of your voice, they may be able to concentrate more readily on the content of what you have to say. We at Little Minds Nursery are one of the many affordable nurseries in Dubai who can help you with acknowledging child’s behavior and giving you healthy tips on how to enhance their attention. We have expert professionals who work with your child and help them develop more listening and understanding skills.

  1. Use “wait time.”

“Wait time” is frequently used in class. Likewise, kids’ instructional TV programmes. After you speak or pose a question, there is a three to seven second “wait time” before continuing. According to studies, children respond more properly to what parents say when they give it time to sink in.

Sometimes, even after that pause, your child may be still be unable to follow instructions or respond to your query. If so, it’s okay to repeat again.

  1. Check if they understand.

Giving your child some “wait time” goes hand in hand with checking for understanding. Request that your child repeat your instructions to you. Asking children to translate your instructions into their own terms is also beneficial. They get an opportunity to ask questions. Also, it offers you an opportunity to explain anything that your child could have misinterpreted.

  1. Don’t ask; tell.

Many parents will ask their children to do something, such as “Would you kindly set the table?” Children might believe they have a choice regarding obeying instructions. Instead of asking your child to do anything, rephrase your request so that you are teaching them what to do: “Set the table, please.”

  1. Give directions to them, one at a time.

Children with learning and thinking differences will find it challenging to follow a set of instructions. For instance, if you say, “wash your hands and call your sister that it’s time to eat”. After preparing the table, your child might get stuck. Hence, it is necessary to break these directions.

For instance, you can tell them, “Please tell your sister that it’s time to eat while you’re washing your hands upstairs.”

  1. Number Your instructions.

Put a number to the directions. This will make it easier for your child to follow them. Use phrases like “There are three things you need to do” or terms like first, second, then, next, and last to describe what has to be done. That can aid in your child remembering all the steps or at least the fact that there were more to the instructions. At Little Minds Nursery, we have qualified teachers who provide clear-cut instructions to children so that they can understand easily and can fulfil tasks effortlessly. If you are looking for “cheap nursery near me”, then we are ready to serve you.

  1. Be clear in your instructions.

Children that struggle with planning, organising, or language may struggle with unclear instructions. You might assume that your child isn’t complying with your request for them to clean their rooms. But there are occasions when kids genuinely struggle to figure out where to begin.

Be precise. For instance, if you divide the work into smaller tasks, you might achieve greater results. For instance, you can tell them, “Please keep your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Next, gather all the toys and keep it on the toy tray. Afterward, make your bed.”

  1. Use visual cues.

Children who struggle with language processing may find it difficult to follow verbal instructions. And think about using visual cues. For instance, identify the areas that require cleaning. You can also do the task you’re instructing your child to complete. For instance, “Can you arrange the plates the same way I’m doing it?”

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