Different activities that help your toddler learn easily

Home is the first place for learning activities for toddlers. The best kindergarten in Dubai also promotes parents to become the best teachers to their children by keeping them engaged in some activities. The preschool in Dubai provided some of the fun time learning activities in the COVID phase that helped the children to discover some of the best times by performing the learning activities at home.

Here are some of the best activities suggested by kids nursery in Dubai to keep your children effectively engaged in their respective activities that can be done comfortably at home:

  • Playing-cum-learning: Some interesting playing games can make your kids moving while learning about different subjects. For an instance, you can begin with a basic game for preschoolers to make them learn about the colors, numbers, or shapes. You can imagine what your child would love to play.
  • Learning Phonics: Reading is the best habit in a child and you can give them the gift of reading by giving them your time for it. They will understand the basics of phonics and get prepared for readiness in reading and understanding the spellings. Try activities that make them learn phonics with fun rather than a burden over their head.
  • Writing practice: Your children will use this throughout your life. A parent needs to teach children about writing by beginning with whatever they want to do. Let them do anything with freehand, connect dots, or use clay for shaping letters or numbers. They will be prepared to study in the best play school in Dubai with a prerequisite habit to read and write.
  • Identification of colours: Colours are always appealing and you can make your children learn about the identification of colours by making them begin sorting the things and encourage motor skills. Ask them for different colours through the objects at home or their toys.
  • Learn to count: This might seem simple but making your children know about the correct order to recite the counting is very important. You can activate the mind of kids by the repetition of counting and making them collect and count different things. It will be challenging to think with numbers and develop counting skills in the best way.
  • Teaching math: This is a practical way of learning and you can pick up the different ways through which mathematics connects you to the world. Tell them or ask them different mathematical queries and give them different ways to explore.
  • Musical capability: Encourage the musical capability of your child by making them learn various things in a poem or the musical activities that can be played together to imbibe things in their mind. Make your instruments or create a music playlist to make them feel great with the different sounds.
  • Try experiments at home: Do not get scared of the word ‘experiments’ here. Kids love to perform small experiments and you can make them learn the common concepts with the general things you’re doing in the kitchen or anywhere else at home.
  • Gardening fun: Your children can understand some scientific concepts with their gardening hobby. Gardens are the lessons in nutrition, science, and patience and you can make your children get all this information through gardening fun. Even the kids nursery in Dubai makes efforts to show different seed-to-plant conversion techniques with the gardening activities.
  • Computer fun: Create simple and basic concepts of the computer by your fun-time on laptop/desktop with your child. Preschoolers will try to check out the new things and get interested in typing, painting, or even googling new things. You can accompany them during these activities and make them feel great. The best kindergarten in Dubai gives the most interesting ways to make your children learn about computers with ease.
  • Worldly cultures: Apart from the local things, teach your children about the world cultures to put their learning global. Bring a globe for them and teach them about the rotation of the earth, different countries, the water-land ratio in the world, and so on. Also, there could be charts prepared for the different countries, their food, language, capital, etc. This activity is for little grown-up children.

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