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Helping Kids to Handling Different Emotions

Each child has different temperament and the emotions they display are also different. While some children are full of energy others may be quite. It is important to handle the different emotions and regulate them carefully and properly for the overall well being and development of children. By helping the child in managing the different emotions children will be able to cope better to diverse kinds of situations. According to the age and the behaviour pattern displayed by a child you have to handle the kids. Little Minds Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai have the skilled teachers and caretakers who have in depth knowledge and experience in handling the different emotions of the children. Our curriculum has been carefully designed taking into account the best interest of children. We can confidently say that we are the finest nursery in Al Barsha and the finest nursery near sports city. Search for the leading nursery in Al Barsha or nursery near sports city you will find us ranked at the top.

Some methods which will help the kids to handle different emotions are discussed below:

Acceptance and patience

Primarily adults have to understand that each child is not the same. This truth has to be accepted. You may not know initially how to handle them or respond to them therefore you should have the patience to learn and understand the behaviour of child and how to handle it. You can find the root cause of why a child behaves in the certain manner. For instance what triggers a child to cry and what brings a smile to the child’s face. By negatively responding to an angry child will make them more bitter and can hurt their sensitivity. Accepting the different emotions and then learning to respond to it will help the children to relay on you more.

Give children an understanding about the emotions

It is advisable to teach children about different emotions and make them identify it. It will let them to have an awareness of it and it will help them eventually in their emotional development. You can point out different emotions through characters in a book or a cartoon and help them to recognise it.

Emotions and behaviours

Emotions and behaviours are separate. Emotions should not get mixed with behaviour. An angry child cannot act on it and throw the plates or hit someone. Similarly it is not appropriate for a child feeling frustrated to scream and create unpleasant scenes in private or in public places. Children have to be taught this and they should be trained on how to handle the emotions and the behaviours related to it. They should have an understanding about the behaviour that is expected from them and what is right and wrong.

Regulation of Emotions

Emotions of children can be regulated in many ways. Emotions cannot be avoided or eliminated therefore facing it and teaching children to manage it, is important. There are number of ways through which children can be taught to manage their emotions.

Deep Breathing – This technique can be taught to kids in order to manage their sudden outbursts. Deep breathing will instantly calm down a child who is frustrated or upset.

Counting – Counting is another method to calm down children. Ask a child to count the numbers they know. This will also increase their memory power and also aids in their learning.

Teach children to take a break – You can teach kids to take a break by moving to another place or having a sip of water when they are overcome with emotions and it will help them collect their thoughts and give them privacy.

Mood Boosters – Identify mood boosters which help the child to deal with their overwhelming emotions. For example sending an upset kid to play outside. Children can also be given educational toys for playing to get them distracted from their negative feelings.

Little Minds Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai practice constructive methods to help the kids handle different emotions. You no longer need to look far and wide for the best nursery in Dubai. Contact us today!

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