How Can Parents Support Kindergarten Learning at Home?

Preschool is a time when your child develops intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. The cognitive abilities your child learns at this age, such as rudimentary counting and vocabulary, may seem straightforward, but they will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. The vibrant multicultural cityscape provides a unique backdrop for the colorful and enriching learning experiences offered at the international kindergarten in Dubai.

Children learn through a range of investigative, cooperative, and problem-solving learning activities. Parents should try to create as similar of a playful learning atmosphere as they can when their children are learning at home.

Parents need to be more involved during this time than they are in subsequent grades for the majority of children. Take into account these suggestions when you determine what is most effective for you and your family:

  • Collaborate with the Teachers

Right now, schools offer a wide range of services, from worksheet distribution to online instruction. Remember that most educators are sincerely attempting to figure out how to assist children in learning remotely as well; they have not previously done this.

Although there won’t be many opportunities to interact with teachers, it’s still a good idea to ask for assistance when needed, provide feedback on the activities the school is doing, and come up with ideas for how your child might benefit most from remote learning.

  • Set Realistic Examples

Expecting children to participate in the equivalent of a full day of traditional education is impractical because so many parents are juggling employment, childcare, and now duties as teacher, therapist, and coach.

Recall that providing structure and a sense of “normal” for them is a major part of your goal, and that whatever you can do to minimise skill loss will be useful.

  • Supercharge Story Times

You have wonderful possibilities to actively develop early literacy skills throughout your daily book reading sessions. To increase your child’s vocabulary, look for words you believe they might not be familiar with, then give them a quick definition and some context.

Ask your child if they can recall the definition of a term when you reread a book, and make an effort to utilise the new words throughout the day to help them retain what they have learned. You can practise letter recognition by singing a slower version of the ABC song and pointing to each letter in the book as you speak its name.

  • Help Math and Science skills in Garden

Working in a garden is an excellent opportunity to teach scientific and maths principles while allowing your children to enjoy some outdoor playtime. Ask them to count seeds, measure water into a watering container, begin recording observations, and start counting days on a calendar to monitor plant growth.

If you don’t have a backyard, you can get your kids involved in starting a windowsill garden. They are able to make observations, count and plant seeds, estimate which seedlings will sprout first, and measure soil into little pots.

  • Numbers and Counting

Ask your kid to name the numbers you see in books, food cans, TV commercials, and other daily items. Commonplace items like the floor’s blocks, the crayons in a box, and the stairs leading to your upper floor can all be counted together.

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Set up playdates and take your kids to the playground to help them develop their social skills. Establish regular guidelines for your child to follow at home, such as putting toys away or making the bed. Allow your child to clean up after themselves, but don’t forget to provide an example of proper manners and social behaviour.

With the hectic life these days, there may be situations where you might not get the right time for your kid and might be searching for Kindergarten in Dubai. Don’t worry as we at Little Minds Nursery are there to care for your young ones. We offer Little Ones a loving, caring atmosphere in which to spend these very important formative years. We adhere to the British EYFS curriculum in accordance with KHDA regulations and the needs of the UAE populace.

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