How to teach your child through play based learning?

Parents are children’s first teacher and home, the first school. But do you think you are good enough to teach your kid through daily ‘learning activities’? It is an exhausting and overwhelming process for parents to keep in track to make their children learn while playing. ‘Learning through play’ are the best approach where children can discover, explore, experiment and problem solve, by doing what they do best.

As the best kindergarten in Dubai, Little Minds Nursery encourages ‘play based learning’, both on our school and also in the comfort of your home. We have some tips to incorporate play-based learning for your children in your home.

  • Play together with your child

Learning through playing is the best method for small kids who have already started to understand their environments. At this stage, they start to distinguish things and develop language skills. Most of the parents feel tough to maintain their kid’s curiosity till the end as children tend to get easily distracted by the surrounding factors.

Therefore, eliminate all kinds of distractions around them like TV, electronic gadgets, colors etc and help to focus on being creative and exploring their environment. Always engage them to explore and learn the basic concepts by themselves rather than direct teaching. Play and interact with the children and let them to take the lead in the play as this rule allows children for greater exploration, self-regulation and understanding.

  • Get them the right toys

Choose the toys wisely according to your child’s age and mental growth. Not all toys are made equal. There are numerous educational toys available today to teach children and to improve their cognitive, psychomotor and emotional abilities. Such types of activity based toys and games can turn their play into educational experiences, which is the fundamental to play-based learning.

  • Allow them to make ‘mistakes’

Children grow by making mistakes and when face failures. As how a toddler makes his fine steps after so many falls, during the play, encourage your children to play wiser whenever he fails. Giving the opportunity to learn from their mistakes is what you have to do as a parent.

  • Encourage them

Children asks so many questions naturally but for play based learning you have to ask them open-minded questions related to numbers, colors, words, shapes etc., so that they try to think and interpret in their own way. This reinforces their vocabulary and cognitive skills.

While playing keep up the positivity and energy throughout and encourage them to boost confidence on what they are doing and learning.

  • Make it fun and creative

Playing should be fun or else kids become easily distracted and lose interest. Create play space that is fun and encouraging, which offers different areas of learning. Choose toys and learning accessories wisely, that are vibrant and multi-functional.

  • Let them make their own decisions

Give your children some space to think experiment and analyze what is right and wrong. Direct teaching does not yield much but creative plays and activities enhance their learning experience. Let them make their own decisions while playing so as to make them independent and learn from their experiences. Consider your child’s age and give them the freedom to take their own decisions accordingly.

In Conclusion

We know every child is precious and all parents want their children to learn and grow to a better and intelligent person. To get the best results, children have to be led through the right way from their early childhood days, which forms the base to further cognitive and psychomotor development.

Start right from your home to encourage them to learn basic things through playful activities, so that children won’t get bored to study new things. ‘Learning through playing’ is not a new method, but we have already doing it in our nursery for the pre-schoolers.

Little Minds is regarded as the best preschool in Dubai, providing warm, happy and nurturing environment for little ones to spend their most crucial formative years. We follow the British EYFS Curriculum which has been structured to carefully cultivate intellect, artistic expression and social skills.

Children learn through play and we therefore ensure all activities are fun for the children and that are right for a child’s age, stage of development and individual preferences. If you are searching for nurseries near Jumeirah, Little Minds is the perfect option for you and to know more about our nursery’s facilities and features, visit