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How to choose a Nursery?

Selecting a preschool for your child is a difficult decision, especially when higher education is taken into account. Yet, did you know that your child’s preschool years would have a bigger impact on their achievement than their later school years? That said, here are best ways to determine while choosing a nursery. If you are looking for a nursery near Al Khail Gate, then this is for you.

  1. Teacher qualifications – This is the first prerequisite to meet. Go elsewhere if the school does not hire skilled teachers, especially if your child is already 3 or 4. They want a teacher who is well-versed in child development, not merely someone who can occupy and entertain kids. Do not compromise on this. Verify if the teachers are competent, enrolled in school, or, if they don’t have a degree, have completed child development courses or diplomas or are undergoing ongoing staff development.
  2. Class sizes – You shouldn’t feel as though they are cramming as many heads into the class as possible, and class numbers should be manageable. A kindergarten class should ideally include 15 or fewer students, while it is possible to have up to 20 with an assistant.
  3. Stimulating environment – Walk around the school should make it clear that there is a great deal of instruction taking place. You should observe tools, materials, and children actively engaged in learning new things. Children’s clay figures and artwork have to be on exhibit. There should be a range of activities available for your kid to pick from when you leave them off in the morning, such as puzzles, games, playdough, a cutting and pasting table, etc.
  4. First-Aid care – Does the school provide for its students? Is the lunch nutritious and recent? Do all classes have first aid kits? Are the classrooms heated in the winter? You will be able to tell if the atmosphere is kind and caring. Nurseries near Al Khail Gate like Little Minds Nursery are known to have qualified teachers and staff with all the emergency care ready in case of any mishap.
  5. Overall ambience – Does the school have the atmosphere of a cheerful environment with peaceful, satisfied children as you go through it? Or does it appear tense and chaotic? You would be surprised at how distinctively different a school’s atmosphere can be. Make sure the space has a cheerful vibe. Kids should experience it more as a family and less as a boarding school. How the general staff interacts with the students can reveal a lot about a school. Does the cleaning staff member know the names of the kids? Does the school’s founder offer the Children a hug as she walks by in the hallway? There should be a very nurturing environment at a preschool.

At Little Minds Nursery, you can be rest assured that your kids are at safe place. Our entire staff will make sure that the kids are safe at all times. We do not compromise on education and quality. We ensure that the kids develop organisation skills right from the early age all by themselves. We nurture their development skills naturally by making activities fun so that they enjoy and learn. If you are looking for Nursery near Al Khail Gate, then we are ready to serve you.

Top 10 Indoor Physical Activities For Nursery

We are the top nurseries in Al Khail Gate and are ready to help you.

  1. Dancing
  2. Parachute Play time
  3. Balance beam
  4. Book worm workout
  5. Avoid the shark
  6. Races to teach animal life
  7. Making learning fun like jumping jacks while spelling words or doing squats
  8. Jumping Rope
  9. Racing inside the classroom
  10. Tai Chi and Yoga

Why choose us?

There are many nurseries in Al Khail Gate like Little Minds Nursery. We believe in developing a strong relationship with every family. That’s why we make sure that our parents and children feel supported during their time spent with us. If you require support or advice, feel free to call our principal or teachers at any time.

  1. Our focus on the needs of children We consider the first five years of a child’s life to be extremely important for their growth into happy, healthy adults. Children’s creative approaches and efforts deserve praise and celebration. Because of this, both kids and adults adore us, and it is for this reason that we are regarded as the best nurseries in Al Khail Gate.
  2. Qualified Teachers – Little Minds Nursery’s teachers are carefully picked for their training, professionalism, and experience.
  3. Learning environment – We give your child access to a motivating, dependable, secure, and nurturing learning environment.
  4. Safety and wellness – Rigorous security and cleaning procedures guarantee your child’s constant safety.
  5. Constant connection – You can keep tabs on your child’s development with the help of a useful app and a live video feed.
  6. Nutrition – We will make sure that your child will receive nutrient-rich breakfasts, lunches, and snacks as part of the learning process.
  7. Extra care – Your child receives attentive care in a family-run setting that prioritises their wellbeing.

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