Reading and Understanding Strategies For Pre School Students

Learning happens only when the child understands what and why he is supposed to learn.

Nursery is the first door where every student opens his or her world to letters, numbers, words, names and many more. At Little Minds Nursery, best pre school in Dubai, our kid’s happiness is our priority. Learning is a simple process of fun and intelligence when letters starts shaping into meanings and they start comprehending what they read.

Little Minds Nursery, best preschool in Dubai, is a place where your child will learn with fun and comfort. Our strategy is to step into the shoes of every child and help them climb up. Letters are new to a child’s environment, so making him able to read and understand is a long and creative process. It is followed up according to every child’s interest of learning at Little Minds Nursery, best preschool and nursery in Dubai.


One of the important skill, student of any age should have is reading and comprehending what is read. A pre-schooler to comprehend happens when he is curious to know what is being read. The curiosity is build by a wise teacher who knows how to make the story engaging and interesting.

Strategies for our young readers to live the story by understanding what they read.

The strategy has majorly 3 parts. The first is before reading. It is when the teaching could generate the curiosity in the kids to read and know the story. The second is while reading, it is one of the important parts to make sure, the difficulty in understanding should not make them get bored. The third part is after reading, to retain their excitement, making them understand, comprehending becomes easier when you love to understand.


Before Reading strategies can initiate the kid to get excited and attain focus of the child. It will activate student’s prior knowledge, get the children excited about the book and make them want to read it by themselves.

Having a book talk, giving them a teaser of the story is very effective. It can also provide them space for their predictions. At Little Minds Nursery, best pre school in Dubai, we give importance to each child. We create space for their voice and intuitions which will develop their creativity.

Having props and introducing them before the story can be more interesting. We can make them predict the storyline with the help of the props. Familiarity with some of the key words of the story can make them easily understand while reading. So before reading introduce some of the words and their meaning.


To make the reading more engaging, make the children part of the reading. Movements and actions can make the story more lively. Using props can also add on to the fun.

Repeating the interesting refrains together can build familiarity. The student will love the story more when they feel capable of being part of it.


Make students retell the story counting from the beginning, middle, and the end. You can help them along. Bringing connection of the story to much familiar situation can imprint the story easily. The most interesting part is to prep them up to enact the story.

Make your kids comprehend and choose their happiness with Little Minds Nursery, the best preschool and nursery in Dubai.

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