Sense-Activated Learning Through Outdoor Play With Kids In Preschool

You, as a parent, desire for your children to develop into healthy, well-rounded adults who possess a strong sense of autonomy and compassion. You can best instil these qualities in your children by taking them outside.

Proposing that children spend more time outdoors and away from electronic devices is beneficial for their physical well-being as well as their development of resilience on an emotional and intellectual level. Undoubtedly, engaging in outdoor activities such as visiting a nature-inspired park or embarking on a family walk through the forests reawakens individuals to the advantages of stepping away from electronic devices and immersing oneself in natural surroundings.

Importance of sensory development through outdoor play

Positive Physical Effects of Outdoor Play

Early exposure to the outdoors has a direct impact on your child’s physical strength, coordination, and even immune system development.

  • Fitness and Physical Well-Being

The ability to engage in vigorous play reduces the risk of weight-related health problems in children who spend more time outdoors playing. Daily vigorous play for children should be at least one hour, and outdoor areas provide the ideal setting to naturally promote this. 

Active pursuits such as running, leaping, skipping, and climbing contribute to the development of robust muscles and endurance in young children of nurseries near Jumeirah. Furthermore, by cultivating a favourable perception of physical activity during a child’s formative years, they are better prepared to maintain an active way of life as adults.

  • Enhanced Motor Abilities

Numerous outdoor activities aid in the natural development of vital motor skills such as balance, dexterity, coordination, and agility in young children. Children who are motivated to investigate external environments will consistently challenge themselves and acquire novel abilities via the process of trial and error.

While your infant is still in the pre-walker stage, engaging them in a swing motion serves as an excellent activity to promote the development of their motor skills. They engage every muscle in the process of swinging by learning to sit up, maintain balance, and flow with the motion.

  • Sunlight (D-vitamin)

Vitamin D promotes the development of the immune system, healthy bone and muscle growth, and even more efficient body healing.  Furthermore, it has demonstrated significant efficacy in promoting the establishment of regular sleep patterns and regulating mood. Regular solar exposure is necessary for the production of Vitamin D in the body, and children who engage in outdoor play generate significant quantities of this nutrient.

Outdoor Play Promotes Emotional Development

Increased outdoor playtime can additionally foster numerous positive outcomes for the emotional development of young children and bolster their self-assurance.

  • Independence and self-assurance

Children are exposed to new situations and encouraged to take calculated risks and explore new activities at their own pace through outdoor play. Children acquire new skills and practise self-evaluation by being provided with opportunities to experiment with novel concepts. This facilitates the cultivation of enhanced self-awareness and autonomy, as they gain confidence in their own abilities.

  • Valuation of the Natural Environment

Young children develop positive memories and stronger connections to the environment through outdoor play. Typically, these enjoyable childhood activities foster an admiration for natural areas and the environment at large.

Outdoor Play Benefits Children Intellectually

Promoting outdoor play enables young learners to gain new experiences that are conducive to their cognitive growth and enhance their imaginative faculties.

  • Sensory Participation

While playing outside, children will naturally engage all five of their senses, thereby enhancing their capacity to process sensory stimulation. Outdoor play can facilitate the development of infants’ sensitivity to a variety of sensory stimuli and encourage more positive reactions to them.

  • Ingenious Thought

Young ones delight in creating their own imaginative activities and enacting make-believe scenarios as they investigate their environment. Children have countless opportunities to develop their imaginations and be imaginative in an outdoor setting.

Development of critical social skills in children

Additionally, newborn children may have more opportunities for social development when they play outside. According to nursery schools in Dubai outdoor play facilitates the development of critical social skills and fosters the formation of relationships in children.

  • Relationship building

In public outdoor areas, young children meet new companions who are frequently unlike themselves. This can facilitate children’s transition into circumstances requiring them to collaborate with new individuals and hone skills that will serve them well into adulthood with greater ease.

  • Betterment of Communication Abilities

As they interact in a positive and secure environment, children develop an innate awareness of the feelings and emotions of others when they make new acquaintances. This facilitates positive peer-to-peer communication and empowers individuals to develop relationships autonomously, without parental or guardian intervention.

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