Some Old-Fashioned Outdoor Games For Preschoolers

Imagine the sounds of kids playing outside – loud, exaggerated counting and giggles that reminds you of your childhood game of the old-fashioned hide and seek. Is there anything beautiful that the sounds of kids giggling that are like music to the ears? Many best preschools in Dubai can help your child socialize and interact with other kids by indulging in many outdoor games. That said, here are some of the good old-fashioned outdoor games for preschoolers.

  1. Hide and Go Seek is a well-known kids’ game that is thought to have originated in Greece in the second century.
  2. Hopscotch is one of the most well-liked traditional playground games and may be played practically any place, either inside or outside, at home or school.
  3. Jump Rope: There are various methods for playing with a skipping rope, but the most enjoyable approach is with pals holding each end of a long rope.
  4. Piggy in the Middle (Keep Away): Two players take turns tossing the ball to each other over the head of a third player who is positioned in the middle of them. The final thrower takes over as the new “piggy” in the middle of the middle player successfully catches or recovers the ball.
  5. Duck, Duck, Goose is a well-known Australian circle game that young children adore playing in kindergartens, preschools, and childcare facilities.
  6. A Tisket A Tasket (I Wrote a Letter to My Love): This enjoyable circle game’s origins are in an old nursery tale;

“A tisket, a tasket,
A green and yellow basket,
I wrote a letter to my love,
And on the way, I dropped it,
I dropped, I dropped it,
And on the way, I dropped it,
A little boy picked it up,
And put it in his pocket.”

Children play by sitting in a circle and holding hands behind their backs. With a little object (envelope, handkerchief, pebble, or anything similar) to symbolize the letter, one kid skips around the outside of the circle. The skipping kid passes the item to one of the seated kids as the poem comes to an end. The first child races around the circle to sit in the now-vacant seat as that player leaps up and chases them. If they are discovered, they are forced to take one round sitting in the center of the circle. If they succeed in getting to the open seat, they take a seat for the following play. The next person to deliver the “letter” is the chaser. Many preschools in Dubai use this game to play with children.

  1. Elastics/Chinese Jump Rope: This traditional childhood activity is played with groups of three or more kids and involves two kids standing inside a wide loop of elastic that has been formed into a rectangle and stretched around their ankles. The jumper, a third player, stands in the center of the elastic and executes a series of jumps that get harder and harder as they go.
  2. Jumps can involve landing on top of the elastic rope with both feet, within the elastic loop, outside the elastic loop, or with one foot inside and one outside. Since each leap sequence is successfully done without a mistake, the elastic loop is elevated, moving from the holders’ mid-shin to their backs, mid-thighs, hips, armpits, and neck.
  3. Red Light, Green Light: This outdoor group activity encourages kids to listen and respond with focus and controlled motions. It’s a terrific way to get youngsters moving in big, open settings.
  4. Played with five or more players, It is one of them who goes home and stays at home. Dedicate a location to serve as “home”; depending on the age and level of expertise of the participants, it may be simple to reach or difficult. It progressively counts up to 50 while keeping their eyes closed. Once the counting is done, the other players hide and attempt to get “home” without being noticed and tagged. When the player gets home, they can safely call, “Go home, stay home, 123.” The last player to arrive at their residence—or to fail to do so—becomes the subsequent It.


We hope you loved our list of old-fashioned outdoor games for preschoolers. There are many kids’ nurseries in Dubai that use such conventional outdoor games to improve children’s immunity while making them indulge in sports activities. We at Little Minds Nursery are one of the best preschools in Dubai. If you are looking for a top nursery in Barsha heights, then we are ready to assist you.

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