Tips For Choosing Right Nursery For Your Child

Nurseries have a positive impact on the overall development of children. Nurseries give children a whole new exposure which is different from their home environment. Children who attend nurseries and preschool prior to their schooling are found to be more adept in learning and accommodating to their new school environment. Little Minds Nursery, the best preschool in Dubai offers the finest nursery experience to children wherein they can grow and learn each day. If you are in search of nurseries in Dubai or nurseries near Jumeirah you can choose us with complete confidence. We will never disappoint you.

Our specialities include

  • British EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage ) Curriculum
  • Classrooms equipped with adequate educational books, toys and resources
  • Indoor and outdoor play area
  • Full time assistance and guidance
  • Clinic with a DHA registered Nurse
  • Transport Service
  • Experienced and qualified teachers

Tips for choosing right nursery for your child

Parents are often confused when to come to choosing the right nursery. Before finalising a nursery, parents have to consider many things. Let us look into some of the tips for selecting the right nursery.


There will be number of nurseries around you. But choosing the appropriate one for your kid is important. You have to do a thorough research before you admit your kid to a nursery. Go through reviews and if possible talk with other parents in order to get to know about various nurseries. What you may see on the outside will be not be true about what goes on inside. Therefore it is vital to talk to people who have close contact with nurseries.

Shortlist the nurseries

Different parents have different preference. Therefore after researching you have to make a list of nurseries which meets your requirements. You have to shortlist the nurseries addressing several concerns like time, cost, distance, activities, age group number of staff, food etc.

Directly go and visit

Before concluding on a particular nursery it is recommended to visit the nurseries in person. It will give you an idea about the premise and various facilities available in the nursery. You can also directly talk with the concerned officials of the nursery and raise your concerns and get feedbacks.


Know in detail and observe about the various aspects of the surrounding like cleanliness of the place, enthusiasm of the teachers, the number of children present, ratio of staff to kids, daily routine, safety and security etc.


Check whether the shortlisted nurseries are registered under proper authorities. Nurseries which are not registered are to be avoided as they are most likely to function against rules. On the other hand nurseries which are registered are sure to follow the standards and regulations. You can be assured that your child is in safe hands. You should also get an idea about the experience and qualification of the staff working in the nursery.

Rules and regulations of the nursery

Nurseries will have rules and regulations of their own. Get to know these in detail and check whether they align with your own requirements and demands.

Admission of kids

If you have selected a suitable nursery for your child then without delay you have to book the seat. Nurseries have limited number of slots. They will not admit beyond that.

Little Minds Nursery, the best preschool in Dubai and the leading among the various nurseries near Jumeirah can undoubtedly say that we have all the facilities and environment to nurture and strengthen the development of each child. We will make your child school ready.

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