How Do You Boost Language Development in Your Children?

What are some activities for language development?

The ability to communicate effectively, comprehend others, and know what to say are essential life skills. Children who can communicate better develop friends, learn more, and live life to the fullest. You will be the first and most crucial teacher for your child.

You might be wondering when your child will start talking. After a toddler reaches the milestone of saying their first words, which typically happens between 12 and 18 months, they will continue to learn and advance quickly. Take a look at the best strategies to enjoy and support your child’s language development. We are the top preschool in Dubai who can help your child communicate effectively and improve their social skills. If you are looking for “Top Preschools near me”, then you are sure to find us on top of the list.

  1. Activate your child’s interest

Face your Child or take a seat next to them. Before you start speaking, say their name. Discuss something that both of you can see in front of you. This teaches children the meaning of words.

  1. Laugh together

Use gestures, songs, noises, and silly faces. Don’t be timid; being a little ridiculous will help you get their attention, make them giggle, and possibly even help them develop their language.

  1. Not questions but comments

Having a lot of questions can make it seem like an exam. Make it a dialogue. Instead of talking about what is happening, make comments to your toddler about what they are doing. There are many preschools in Dubai like Little Minds Nursery that can help your child speak well and more clearly.

  1. Provide them time to reflect

Children require more time than adults to process what they have heard and determine how to respond. While you wait for them to answer, keep an eye on them.

  1. Use simple language

Your sentences should be brief. ‘Food time now’ or ‘Wow, you’re building a tower’ are two examples.

  1. Repeat your words

Reiterating the same message is beneficial. To understand them and pick up new words, babies and toddlers need to hear phrases and words again. This is a crucial element of infant talk. Our preschool in Dubai has experienced faculties who are skilled in baby talk and can help them learn new words.

  1. Make listening simpler for them

Turn off TV, radio, and/or music. Speak to your child that will help kids concentrate on what you’re saying.

  1. Adding to what they say

Your Child can go on to the next stage of speech by adding one or two words to what they are saying. Hence, you respond “Yeah, big bus” if your Child says “bus”.

  1. Talk in your native tongue

It’s crucial that kids pick up their first phrases and words in their native tongue. English will be taught to your child later, at both nursery and school.

  1. Show them what is the right way

Little children make mistakes all the time. Instead of asking them to repeat your words accurately, demonstrate your understanding to them. For your child, repeat the word or phrase appropriately. If they say “Look at the dod”, you can answer “Yeah, it’s a dog”.

  1. Last but not last, talk to someone if you are worried

Speaking and listening come more naturally to some kids than to others. They could have trouble deciphering the meaning of words and sentences. Some people find it difficult to put the appropriate sounds and words together. These kids might require extra assistance.

Speak to people you know and who are familiar with your child if you are concerned about them. If you’re still concerned, trust your gut. Speak with a professional who can assist, such as a speech and language therapist, your health visitor, or your Physician.

What is the importance of language skills for pre-schoolers?

Children’s speech, language, and communication development are crucial areas. During our lives, they serve a crucial role in assisting us in a variety of ways, including allowing us to comprehend the world around us, express our fundamental wants and sentiments, engage in discussion, think critically and learn, build relationships, and solve problems. They also aid in the development of many other areas, such as literacy, social, and cognitive. Here are some of the ways you can boost your child’s linguistic skills.

a. How can we help young children develop their linguistic skills?

Talking with your child is the first step in promoting language development in young children. You might enquire about their day or even inquire about their opinions on the subject at issue. Allow your kid to tell you more about the characters in a book you are reading together while discussing their personalities and traits.

Also, it’s crucial that you guarantee your kid feels secure and protected around others, especially other kids! Make sure there aren’t any threats (like weapons) or anything else negative going on at all times if you want the learning process for new words to go smoothly. This is true both physically and mentally (like being scared).

b. Talk to your children

The value of having conversations with your kids cannot be overstated. Chatting with your kids is a great way to teach them language, teach them about the world and about themselves, and to help them comprehend other people and their place in it. We have made measures to ensure that kids have access to high-quality developmental language opportunities from birth through adolescence because we are aware of how important it is to talk to our children.

c. What is the ideal age for communication with your kids?

One of the most crucial things you can do for your kids is to talk to them. Having conversations with your child when they are small is ideal (1-2 years old).

It’s crucial to speak in a language that is appropriate for your child when you converse with them. Moreover, be sure that your words make sense and won’t frustrate or confuse people. When your child asks, “what does this mean”, instead of responding, “that’s a stupid thing to say”, tell them “this is this.”

d. Talk to your child to develop their language skills

Conversing to your child regularly will help them grow in vocabulary, gain an understanding of their surroundings, and improve their ability to interact with others. You have the chance to provide a secure space where they may freely express themselves, explore their emotions, and react correctly to instructions.

Why choose us?

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  4. Safety and well-being – We exercise extraordinary caution to safeguard the health and safety of your child. Having said that, our childcare school follows strict cleaning and security protocols.
  5. Continuous connection – We offer a mobile app and live video feed so you can always know what your child is up to.
  6. Nutrition – In order to improve their general health, children should consume nutrient-rich breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. We make sure that all children receive nutritious nourishment in light of this.
  7. First-Aid and care – Your kid will receive the best care at Little Minds Nursery in a family-run environment that prioritises their welfare.

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