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Little Minds Nursery Dubai Near IMPZ

All of our classrooms are bright and spacious. Classrooms are amply stocked with age appropriate educational resources, puzzles, books and other equipment.

Tiny Toddlers

Daisies (1 year (walkers) – 2 years )


Kids of this age group learn through play and interact with others and develop their social skills. We always tend to have an enjoyable and happy environment. We strive to address each child's individual needs and help the child develop autonomy, self-esteem, a positive approach to education, and a sense of curiosity and independence. The classroom should represent the preschool objectives. It should represent the key educational and growth objectives of a nursery. We have therefore designed all our classrooms so that each child can engage in a positive environment. In Little Minds Nursery School in Dubai, children are encouraged and allowed to participate in physical and artistic sports in their classrooms and play areas.



Lavenders (2 years – 3 years)


Children at this age are becoming more optimistic, self - confident and independent and we help them understand their cognitive growth by integrating coordinated and free activities. An enticing and environmentally pleasing area should be an ideal preschool setting. The environment should be specially designed with the materials to allow children to perform developmental learning tasks. The classrooms of our children are filled with fun and informative toys, puzzles and books at the best nursery School in Tecom, Dubai.

Children learn more when playing and watching things around them. That is why we filled our classrooms with colorful furniture of good quality. As kids spend a great time at nursery, our classrooms are cozy and homemade, making the kids comfortable.



Daffodils, Orchids & Bluebells (3-4 years)


The architecture and the materials and other elements in the classroom decide the students' comfort. Our classroom in the preschool is designed to let children know where the content goes. We have created an artistic and cultural environment rich in creative arts, innovative play, motor activity, rhythms and drama. We set up a variety of themed resorts to play and explore the children, and some are more sensory and some are imaginative. To attain the highest level of learning and excellence Little Minds Nursery in Tecom provides pre-school children with an all-round atmosphere.


Outdoor & Indoor Play Areas


Outdoor play also encourages children to enjoy nature and to learn to practice, enjoy fresh air and play. There's essentially something safe to use the outside. This ensures that outdoor play creates an atmosphere for the outside world, physical activity and environmental care.

We worked hard to establish an environment in which children could run, practice and learn.

Our nursery school in Dubai is specially designed to meet every child's requirements with huge, lively, colorful playrooms and outdoor play areas. It features modern equipment and an array of soft toys that children enjoy. Children are offered an opportunity to participate in physical activity in our well-built outdoor playground and indoor playground. Not only the advancement of academic ability within a classroom but also the growth of physical health, energy and social skills outside a classroom is emphasised.


We are extremely proud of what we do in the Little Mind Nursery and believe that we have a totally special school with a range of positive things that inspire our children every day. As educational guardians in our country, we commit ourselves to cultivating the little kids in a precise combination of emotional, social value, cognitive and intellectual. Our preschool platform offers an open environment where children can experience a full combination of technology and education in recreational activities. Little Mind Nursery is distinguished and generated by the unique pedagogical and state-of-the-art facilities.

The entire preschool campus is a carefully designed environment to foster development and learning in a fun environment.


Nursery Near Al Barsha, Dubai

Tiny Toddlers

Daisies (1 year (walkers) - 2 years)


We at Little Minds believe that each child is special and one-of-a-kind. Children who belong to the above-mentioned age group can get better social skills by playing and interacting with others simultaneously. So, we try to make an environment that best facilitates them in the skill development process. As a top nursery in Al Barsha proximity, we aim to allow kids to be self-dependent and passionate learners of tomorrow, with a desire for knowledge and being active citizens in society.

As part of that goal, we also address every single child’s needs while helping them develop a sense of autonomy and independence, as well as, a positive outlook on education. Therefore, all the classrooms of our nursery in Tecom proximity are designed and organized in such a way that would encourage each child to make good progress.



Lavenders (2 years – 3 years)


From 2 years, kids start developing more cognitive skills. The cognitive development process is very much a part of what we do and have here at Little Minds, such as free and coordinated activities to name one. Through our years of operational experience, we understand that an ideal preschool environment should encompass many things, including an inviting and pleasing space. We offer just that kind of environment at our nursery in Al Barsha, Dubai, with the materials required to let kids do developmental learning activities. Our classrooms are full of informative and fun toys, books and puzzles that all help children develop cognitive skills. Moreover, there are comfortable classrooms at our nursery in Tecom, Dubai, that encourage children to spend much time here.



Daffodils, Orchids & Bluebells (3-4 years)


The preschool architecture, materials and other classroom elements all play a part in the comfort level of children. So, our nursery in Al Barsha has a cultural and artistic environment full of creative arts, motor activity, innovative play, and drama. Various themed spaces are also set up here for children to play at the same time as we explore them. We believe that, outside of quality education, children should have access to an atmosphere with love and freedom for the maximum level of excellence. Offering them access to such an atmosphere is among the many things that this nursery in Tecom prides itself on.


Indoor And Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor play means encouraging kids to learn skills through practice, while enjoying fresh air and other natural elements. As the operator of a nursery in Al Barsha, we have strived for an environment where kids could keep playing, practicing and learning simultaneously. With big, colorful and lively playrooms and play areas outdoors, our preschool is designed to help satisfy every child’s needs. Here, kids get to take part in physical tasks, which we believe is important for their social skills and health.

Come to Little Minds and discover how special a place our preschool is for tiny tots. We take pride in what we do at our nursery in Tecom, and feel that it is special in more ways than one. Above all, it is for the children with parents having big ambitions and expectations of them as well as caring minds.