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Little Minds Nursery Dubai Near IMPZ

All of our classrooms are bright and spacious. Classrooms are amply stocked with age appropriate educational resources, puzzles, books and other equipment.

Tiny Toddlers Daisies (1 year (walkers) – 2 years )

Our emphasis for this age group to provide a happy and cheerful environment that helps children to learn through play and also to interact with other children and develop their social skills. Little Minds Nursery offers inspiring toddler classrooms for children who are confident walkers and are ready to engage in more physical and creative activities.

Toddlers Lavenders (2 years – 3 years)

Children at this age are beginning to get more confident and independent and we encourage them to achieve their developmental milestones through a variety of structured activities and free play. The classroom is equipped with fun and educational toys, puzzles and books. All our nursery activities help children to learn a range of skills, attitudes and knowledge and serve as a foundation for dynamic learning in future years.

Preschoolers Daffodils, Orchids & Bluebells (3-4 years)

Children in this group are exposed to formal curriculum along with a wide range of activities. They are prepared for a comfortable transition from preschool environment to kindergarten. Children are exposed to more complex activities which help in refining their skills.

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