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Health And Safety

Little Minds Nursery Dubai Motor City

Little Minds nursery near impz, Dubai guarantees the protection and security of children inside the campus, as children are monitored regularly by teachers and caretakers.


Our clinic is fitted with an approved DHA nurse. Care and good practice, including hand washing and brushing of teeth, is taught to children. Children are strongly shielded from the toilet to the backyard.  The preschool premises are absolutely child proofed to make a healthy environment for children. All visitors must sign up at the front desk and unknown visitors shall not be permitted to enter the premises. Only guardians approved by parents are handed over to children in the permit form.


We have installed CCTV cameras in and around the nursery, both indoors and outdoors and also inside transport busses, as a step towards better and sustainable transparency. Installation of CCTV camera systems is an important step towards achieving world-class standards in security through the use of technology and data digitalisation for better reliability.


Little Mind Nursery near Greens is certainly the right choice for your lovely kids to provide them the best and secure learning facilities.