Nursery Near Jumeirah

Nursery in Jumeirah

Little Minds Nursery, Near Jumeirah aims to provide a secure, caring, friendly and well organized environment. We follow British EYFS Curriculum (Nursery near Jumeirah, Preschools, Daycare). Jumeirah is located just a short distance from Little Minds Nursery. Jumeirah is a beautiful residential area which is completely suited for families (Nursery/Preschool) . Jumeirah consists of low rise buildings with well established garden and community areas.

Jumeirah has captured the rich diversity of nature through inventive landscaping. Jumeirah has many modern town housed built in a variety of architectural styles. Jumeirah is very popular with expatriates working in Dubai. Jumeirah is one of the main attractions to many tourists visiting Dubai. A wide range of family-oriented amenities are there in Jumeirah including tennis courts and childrenĄ¯s playing areas (Toddler/Nursery/Preschool). Jumeirah has extensive parking and trails for cycling and jogging. Jumeirah provides childcare facilities (Toddler/Nursery/Preschool ),educational institutions, Supermarkets and much more.

Little Minds Nursery has outdoor play areas (toddler/Nursery). Jumeirah is one of the major communities in Dubai. Jumeirah is an exceptional residential community located in the heart of Dubai. Jumeirah offers residents, parents who have children, Nursery going, toddler, preschooler, a beautiful home.

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