5 ways parents can prepare their children for preschool.

Last year one of my neighbours approached me anxiously and it happened to be about her 2.5 year old son who was going to start his preschool classes. They already had booked an admission on the best kindergarten in Dubai while she was flustered about his clingy child who was not taught many basic things to do by himself. As an experienced mom, I could have started a lecture on preschool planning. Rather I narrowed down my ideas to quick tips on preparing those clingy Children for preschool, that every new mom wants to hear badly.

  • Set a routine

Till the day the child is comfortable on his own habits. So an over preparation brings burden to him if parents start abruptly. Start talking to him about school in an upbeat way, the friends he is going to make, the coloful environment before him and new things he has to explore. Set a routine for his most basic things like sleeping habits, playing schedules, studing time and eating habits. Routines creates opportunities for them to understand time, order, sequencing etc so that they act responsibly and make decisions on their own. Establishing this order in his life so that your child can adjust well in a new environment. Don’t forget to choose a best nursery near greens to introduce him about the most beautiful nature outside.

  • Develop his social skills.

Preschool is the key to formal education. When you child is too emotional or sensitive and depend too much on you, try to make him more sociable by introducing him to the outer world a little. Our children develops social skills at home. Make him play games with a family members, take him to a party or a family function to interact with the social group for reducing his fear and anxiety. Teach him to say thanks to someone or sorry at times of making mistakes and share his things to know about the act of kindness and respect. Now he is a better kid, so talk about the best kindergarten in Dubai you have found for him. Look he got excited!

  • Fine- tune his motor skills

Your child may have that natural skill to solve puzzles or a fast learner in the home environment. Despite that encourage them to do crafts, learn the basic colour patterns, shapes, letters to fine tune his motor skills. Make them move a lot physically, play with the peer groups for a healthy physical and mental development.

  • Set up daily chores.

Many parents are not aware of encouraging their children to do the basic chores atleast for them. Support kids to pick up his toy, dress on his own, remove his plate from the table, clean the place after playing or even make his bed for developing them to be a better independent person. Even though the best preschools in Dubai provide comprehensive practices in self sufficiency, these little things you do in the home truly reflects when he is on the preschool.

  • Try Reading practices

Read to you child truly enhances his vocabulary. He will love the world of books and knowledge if you introduce them in the basic stage. Reading for them makes him think creatively and develops his language at an earlier age. The best kindergartens in Dubai provide Library facilities and language rooms for child development.

In Conclusion

If those ideas helped you, start preparing your children for preschool without worry. Then it’s time to narrow down your search for the best preschool in Dubai. You are at the right place. Little Minds Nursery is full of warm and happy faces, caring and training the beautiful buds of our school for the brightest future.

Our specialists

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