Developing Creative Skills in Your Toddler

Children learn things quickly and easily and hence training kids from a very young age will help them when they grow up. If you observe children you will find them to be always engaged in something or the other. They will create something or the other to remain occupied. They play on their own and develop games of their own. Creative games and activities can impact children’s overall development. The physical, mental and emotional development of children plays an important in instilling creativity.

Creative activities will help children to remain more active and directly influence their well-being. It will help children to direct their energy in the right path. Little Minds Nursery, one of the best preschool in Dubai, has experienced and qualified teachers who will inspire and motivate children to be more creative and will use the right methods to make them more creative and smart. Little Minds Nursery is also the leading nursery in Al Barsha and kids nursery in Dubai.

Below given are some tips through which you can develop creativity in your toddler:

Encourage your child’s interests

Observe your child and then see what interests him/her. Once you know his or her interests then encourage them to pursue and support them and give proper guidance.

Screen Time

Today there is a tendency to give even the toddlers mobiles to distract them. But spending long periods of time using the electronic devices will affect the health of the children. Therefore it is best to keep away electronic devices away from the toddlers and if you want to show them something limit the screen time.

Take children outdoors

Children should not be confined to the four walls of a building. They have to be taken outdoors into the nature. Outdoors increase the curiosity among children, make them active and induces thinking.

Reading and telling stories

Reading books such as picture books together and telling stories can boost creativity among the kids. It can help them to identify things and improve their memory and cognitive skills. It will also improve their comprehension skills.

Ask children questions

Put forward different questions to the children and encourage them to answer it. It will improve their thinking ability and will make them more curious about things happening around. Questions such as how to get ready, when is the time to eat food, what are the games played by you daily will help them to think on their own.

Do not be harsh on children

Teach children about the right and wrong things in a correct manner. Do not use harsh methods to correct their mistakes. It will make the child fearful of you and the child may become quite and moody. Try different methods to make the child learn things which are difficult for them to understand.

Creative risk taking

Encourage children to do something which they have discovered. For example give them complicated puzzles to solve, educational toys which will help them to learn things etc. Let children have their own alone time and try varied things on their own.

Create Scenarios

Try to make the child create different scenarios and encourage the kids to think differently and organize the thoughts. Children love to pretend play and come up with different games. Appreciate them when they come up with different imaginative things.

Teach children to ask questions

Teach children to ask doubts and questions about things which they do not know. Children are mostly curious in nature and their curiosity should not be discouraged. Instead of getting irritated with their questions appreciate their questions and give them appropriate answers.

Little Minds Nursery one of the most after preschools in Dubai is well equipped with all the resources to motivate and persuade children to be creative. Renowned and trusted as the finest nursery in Al Barsha and kids nursery in Dubai we focus on the overall development of each child.